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Alchemy with Ambi was birthed through my personal journey of alchemy which started with my spiritual awakening – aka cosmic b*tch slapping – in 2008 (thanks, Pluto in Capricorn!) I was an entertainment lawyer and an on air legal expert living in London. My awakening and subsequent journey led to me uprooting my personal life, moving far across the oceans and changing my career entirely.

Over the years I have studied with many different spiritual teachers, traveled across the world to holy sites, attended numerous workshops/courses and obtained certifications and trainings, resulting in me becoming a life coach, astrologer, reiki master, sound healer, meditation teacher and now, podcast host!

Ultimately these new skills all enabled me to align my professional life with my soul’s purpose and passion; helping others to create alchemy in their lives. For all the different titles, ultimately, I am a change agent – a modern day alchemist who strives to be a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives.

This site and my podcast are dedicated to helping others create alchemy in their lives 
– mind, body and soul.

I now love, serve, play and continue my journey of alchemy in Los Angeles where I live with my husband.

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a handful of testimonials

“Ambi… An angel if ever there was one. She has helped me beyond what I thought was even possible. With her logical outlook and attention to detail, she gives healing a new identity. Through astrology, sound healing, reiki and life coaching, a session with Ambi has a 360 degree effect. I feel incredibly fortunate to have met her years ago and she has stayed in my life consistently helping me with every aspect of it. My only problem, there should be more of her! Thankfully all the blogs, meditations and podcasts to come on her new site mean I can listen and learn from Ambi every day!”
– Poppy Jamie 

“The two years I’ve had Ambi as my spiritual mentor and life coach have been nothing short of the most transformative of my life. Ambi has given me one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given in helping me develop the unashamed, unapologetic power to be my authentic self. With Ambi’s guidance, I’m well on my way to breaking free from a sense of perfectionism that has shackled me throughout my life, and enjoy a sense of freedom and liberation I never thought would be possible for me.” 
–  Leo Seigal 

“Ambi is spot on!  She embodies her astrology & her healing work and you can feel it when you are around her.  I leave her sessions transformed & always love getting insight from her intuitive nature!  She’s truly a gem!”
–  Joan Hyman

“I think the best thing about Ambi (and there are many) is that I always leave her presence having learnt something about me or the world that I needed to know, something vital, something subtle and often something life-changing. She’s one of those people who, after you have been around them, you always feel happier and lighter.

Her soundbaths are one of the most unique and beautiful experiences I have had and when she talks about astrology I could listen ALL day. Ambi has so much insight and knowledge but can somehow relate to everyone’s everyday experiences whatever their situation, making her, in my opinion, the most special kind human being.”
– Ana Mulvoy Ten

“Ambi has a beautiful way of looking at life, whether it’s through her healing, coaching or chart reading she manages to turn every situation into a positive. I have never met anyone like her, she has guided me through many situations and always leads me to the light.”
-Jazzy de Lisser

“Ambi’s meditations focus on consciousness and just being present. She emphasizes the positive while guiding to accept the negative. Her meditations are not only relaxing and peaceful they leave you with a recharged body and soul and new way of thinking. She is a true guider while helping to uncover your best self through manifesting what we want in life and letting go of the things that don’t serve the greater good. I have never met anyone like her. She is the absolute BEST!”
-Ash Newman




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